LAUGHABLE: Washington Post Writer Blames Biden’s Plunge On Negative Media Coverage

Joe Biden’s poll numbers and popularity are circling the drain, even with members of his own party.

There are a lot of reasons for this. The economy, inflation, gas prices, food shortages, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, etc. Take your pick.

Yet one writer at the famously liberal Washington Post isn’t buying it.

According to Perry Bacon Jr., Joe Biden just isn’t getting a fair shake from the media.

Breitbart News reports:

WaPo Writer Blames Negative Media Reporting for Joe Biden’s ‘Political Plunge’

Washington Post writer Perry Bacon Jr. on Monday blamed negative coverage of President Joe Biden from the establishment media for his “political plunge.”

Instead of indicting Biden’s policies that have fueled 40-year-high inflation, record high gas prices, the deadly Afghan withdrawal, and the invasion on the southern border, Bacon Jr. penned a whole article about the media’s liability for Biden’s tanking poll numbers.

Biden’s approval number is down to 30 percent, according to Civiqs. Only “26 percent of Democratic voters said the party should renominate him in 2024,” the New York Times found last week.

“The mainstream media has played a huge, underappreciated role in President Biden’s declining support over the past year,” the article whined about “media hysteria” that has “showed a marked increase in negativity in media coverage of Biden.”

“[I]n my view, media coverage is a big factor in those warped polling results,” Bacon Jr. continued. “Yes, I am calling for the media to cover Biden more positively… Ideally, on every issue, the media would compare the Republican and Democratic solutions. You can see how this model might help Biden.”

See the WaPo writer’s tweet below:

High inflation. Manchin and Sinema. Some of his own mistakes. But in my view, one of the biggest challenges for Biden has been facing a mainstream media looking to “balance” its anti-Trump coverage from 2017-2020. https://t.co/PZpjvTkTQ3

— Perry Bacon Jr. (@perrybaconjr) July 18, 2022

Oh please. No one believes this. Biden is a disaster.

Imagine what Biden’s numbers would look like now if the media treated him the way they treated Trump.

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