Not Babylon Bee: China City Swabs Freshly Caught Fish, Crabs, and Shrimps for Covid-19 to Contain 65 Cases (VIDEO)


I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’d be wrong if you thought things couldn’t get any weirder.

To try to stem the spread of the Covid-19 virus, authorities in the Chinese port city of Xiamen were checking every newly captured seafood, from fish and crabs to shrimp.

On Friday, Xiamen reported 10 new cases of Covid, bringing the total number of cases in the current outbreak to 65, according to CNN.

According to the city’s fishery supervisor, PCR testing must be conducted on all fishermen and their catch upon their return to Xiamen, a popular tourist city in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian.

“We test humans as well as what they caught at the same time – sample tests for the same batch of seafood,” a staff member of the Xiamen Municipal Oceanic Development Bureau told the South China Morning Post.

“We’re not the only place doing this. We took the lesson from Hainan, which is witnessing a serious outbreak. It’s said that it may be triggered by marine product transactions between local fishermen and their overseas counterparts,” the staff member added.

I keep cracking up at these fish swab photos https://t.co/1LyKUkM578

— Camille Fournier (@skamille) August 18, 2022

China’s zero-Covid regulation has been under fire after a weird video surfaced showing medical staff in hazardous suits testing live seafood.

Watch the video below:

There are so many strange things happening in China.

Communist China was previously giving COVID anal swabs to adults and children.

The Chinese government also gave Biden Administration officials anal COVID swab tests upon arriving in China… ‘in error.’

China supposedly stopped the invasive swab testing after Japan, the US, and other countries said the virus test was “undignified” and caused “psychological distress.”

And they brought back its “undignified” anal Covid swabs just two weeks before the Beijing Winter Olympics begin.

“The Communist regime claims the virus test — which involves inserting a 5cm long saline-soaked swab up a patient’s bum and rotating it — is more accurate than other on-the-spot virus tests,” the Sun reported.

China has also deployed robotic dogs to enforce the communist country’s COVID-19 “zero-COVID” strategy.

In a video filmed in Shanghai City, a robot dog is seen warning a locked-down community to stay in their houses and comply with COVID “safety” measures.

Watch the video:

A robot dog patrols the empty streets of Shanghai in China with a loudspeaker as a reminder of sanitary measuresThe authorities have introduced containment of the country’s economic capital after identifying several thousand cases in recent days pic.twitter.com/v2gun6SsIG

— Sophia Dahl (@sophiadahl1) March 31, 2022

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