J6 Prisoner John Strand Who Was Sentenced to Prison for 3.5 Years for Walking Inside US Capitol Is Now Being Tortured in Isolation – How You Can Help

Model John Strand on January 6, 2021 outside the US Capitol. John walked inside the US Capitol and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

On January 6, 2021, John Strand was working security for Dr. Simone Gold who was invited to speak at events on January 5th and 6th at the US Capitol.

Dr. Gold was an invited guest speaker (along with Representatives Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene) on the east side of the Capitol that day.  The speeches were cancelled without notice. There was no stage set up.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump supporters who planned to attend the different speeches outside the US Capitol were then seen wandering around looking for the protest stage.

Dr. Simone and John Strand were later both charged with misdemeanors.  The Biden DOJ later added the unique §1512c2 charge to hundreds of peaceful protesters.  This law had never been used in this way and had with it a 20-year felony “obstruction”.

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Dr. Simone Gold told The Gateway Pundit, “We were both offered a single misdemeanor trespass plea, I took it but John refused based upon the fact it was not true.

If you want to see the “crime” the attached video compilation (from dozens of cctv videos) is 14 minutes and shows the entire time John Strand was in the Capitol.

On January 6, I protected a woman in a crowd.

On MLK day, I was violently assaulted by FBI & thrown in prison, treated like a terrorist.

On 9.27.22, I was convicted by an openly biased D.C. jury.

On 6.1.23, I was sentenced by a D.C. judge to NEARLY 3 YEARS PRISON

My response: pic.twitter.com/UzUw7jGRRI

— (@JohnStrandUSA) June 24, 2023

John Strand was sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison.

John Strand did nothing wrong.

The Torture and Abuse Continues

John was moved into isolation recently due a media hit he had with Grant Stinchfield. John had a respectful interview with the Real America’s Voice host from inside prison.

The interview is attached below. The prison then decided to craft a pretext and they threw him into isolation on August 31. You cannot imagine how bad isolation is. You think you can, intellectually, but really, you can’t. It’s torture.


From Dr. Simone Gold: Every single reader should email the Warden’s assistant: MIA-ExecAssistant-S@bop.gov That is what I want. For her to get thousands of emails with a spotlight on her. I have the Warden’s email but I cannot use it for this at this time. Let us see what happens with this. At the end of the day, even if BOP and DOJ are playing games with John’s life the buck stops with her. You don’t throw people into isolation for no reason or a minor reason! I was in prison for 60 days. There is a hierarchy to punishment. The SHU (“Special Housing Unit” = isolation) is the most severe. You got put into isolation for seven days if two prisoners were fighting. That is an example. Lesser punishments (if they wanted to punish him for Stinchfield for example) include taking away phone or email privileges. And that is exactly what his case manager ordered. But someone else ordered isolation.

Dr. Simone, “I am nervous to say that – I don’t want John to suffer. But I know this for a fact. So maybe you could say it like I did: you could withhold phone or email or visitors. The prisoner gets a choice which privilege to lose.”

** Please write the Warden’s assistant: MIA-ExecAssistant-S@bop.gov and demand the torture to stop immediately!

Thank you!

Thank you to Grant Stinchfield for having me on last night & allowing me to update the public from behind prison walls. pic.twitter.com/xvUbA6O8Jw

— (@JohnStrandUSA) August 18, 2023

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