Black Woman Outraged and Calls Out “Microaggression” After Security Guard Compliments Her Wig Hair (VIDEO)

A TikTok user named Mama Fi takes to social media to express her frustration over a security guard’s comments about her hair, calling it a microaggression.

In a recent TikTok post, a user named Mama Fi expressed her outrage after a security guard complimented her on her hair. Mama Fi, who is a black woman, felt that the security guard’s comments were a form of microaggression, despite the guard’s seemingly good intentions.

In the video, the security can be heard complimenting Mama Fi’s hair, stating, “See! She came in with pretty curls and now she’s coming with…”

Mama Fi interrupted, asking the security guard not to comment on her changing hairstyles.

“Can you please not talk about when I switch up my hair?” Mama Fi said.

The security guard responded, “I think it’s beautiful!”

Mama Fi then explained, “I know, but, like, as a black person, to me, it feels like a microaggression. I deal with it all the time at work.”

“I do the same thing,” the guard said.

“I know. I’m just saying. I’m telling you how it makes me feel. Everyone’s different. But personally, if you like the hair, “Oh pretty hair.” You don’t have to, like, clarify that it was different each and every time because it makes me uncomfortable,” Fi added.

The female security guard responded, asserting that she was merely offering a compliment, saying, “I like the way you change it.”

Mama fi said, “I know. I’m not looking for any excuses. It just.. it makes me uncomfortable.”


Outraged because someone complimented her hair. Can you relate? pic.twitter.com/m22G4TlJP3

— Catch Up (@CatchUpFeed) September 15, 2023

Mama Fi wrote, “Stop pointing out black women for wearing wigs/weaves. If you like their hair, just say it and leave it at that. And again, it doesn’t matter your intention; it’s the impact.”

She further elaborated that while friends and loved ones may unintentionally make upsetting comments, the frequency of such incidents can be frustrating. “People will try and say ‘it’s not that deep,’ but if you’re not the one in the water, how can you tell its depth?” she added.

The TikTok post has received mixed reactions, with some viewers empathizing with Mama Fi’s experience, while others argue that the security guard’s compliment was harmless.

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