Even Robots Are Not Safe in Crime Ridden Los Angeles

Image: @TTEcclesBrown/X

Crime infested Los Angeles is no stranger to brazen robberies, but now even delivery robots are not safe in the liberal city.

A Nordstrom store was looted in LA in August.

On Thursday, smash-and-grab thieves ransacked a Macy’s store as nine masked men in their early twenties entered the Sherman Oaks at the Westfield Fashion Square location, filled up trash bags with merchandise and ran off quickly.

The controversial zero bail policy in Los Angeles has not helped keep the city and its citizens safe.  The policy was reinstated earlier in 2023 on the grounds that it violates the suspects’ constitutional rights.

A user on X shared a compilation of robots moving through the streets of LA as they are repeatedly attacked and the contents stolen.

Image: Screenshot @filmtherobotsla/TikTok

What happens when they try to have food delivery robots in LA pic.twitter.com/YrA8ThM60W

— Tess T. Eccles-Brown, PhD (@TTEcclesBrown) September 17, 2023

KTLA reports:

Businesses who use self-driving delivery technology are starting to be affected by the prevalence of vandals and thieves disrupting the delivery process.

“We have to remake the food, but luckily we still get reimbursed for that,” said Steve Avila, general manager of Blu Jam Café in Hollywood. “I can see how [delivery companies] can be hurting from it, especially because it seems like [the delivery robots] are pretty expensive.”

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