Switzerland’s Non-Binary Nemo Wins Eurovision 2024 Contest – Then Breaks the Trophy on Stage

Eurovision 2024 winner Nemo a nonbinary singer

Switzerland’s Nemo won the 2024 Eurovision contest on Saturday night.

Vous lui conseillez de commencer sa tournée dans quel pays musulman ? pic.twitter.com/D14eeaPrZc

— bataille kahlenberg (@bataillekahlen1) May 12, 2024

Palestinian fans were excited to see Nemo win – not because they have any respect for nonbinary people but because he defeated the very popular Israeli singer in the contest.

rarely proud of being swiss tbh but i’m truly grateful that we were represented by a non binary pro palestine singer, YOU GO NEMO ! and fuck you israel for the chaos you create, free palestine! pic.twitter.com/oyxecfIoyn

— Adi ❀ FREE PALESTINE (@lillagrodprins) May 11, 2024

Nemo said he had to sneak in a non-binary flag into Eurovision(?) – Raise your hand if you knew there was a non-binary flag!

The Jews were blamed.

Nemo said they had to smuggle their flag in because you guys wouldn’t allow them to have it, and you forced fans with non-binary flags to leave the arena. Fuck you forever, you disgusting, lying, opportunistic, transphobic, Zionist pieces of genocide-enabling shit. https://t.co/CRkDix7aAQ

— peacey (@baldmouseboy) May 12, 2024

Nemo then broke the trophy on stage.

NEMO BROKE THE TROPHY HELPPP (fun fact my classmate’s dad helped create this year’s trophy) #Eurovision2024 #Eurovision pic.twitter.com/R1pqYxAib5

— rebecka⁸¹ (@dinocultist) May 11, 2024

And, of course, he lectured Eurovision for not allowing the non-binary flag into the arena.

”i broke the code, i broke the trophy, maybe the trophy can be fixed, maybe eurovision need a fix every now and then” OH DONT END THE EBU LIKE THAT NEMO! CALL THE DOUBLE STANDARD OUT! #eurovision #eurovision2024 pic.twitter.com/PlROSNcPqi

— Eurochipie (niels). #justicevoorjoost (@NielssTuinstra) May 11, 2024

Here’s Nemo performing last night.

Nemo the monarch that you are!!! Between this and Bambie, non binary folks rule the world #Eurovision2024


— Luke T (@esclukass) May 11, 2024

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