Trump Dares Biden to Leave Home Turf to Debate Him, Adds New Challenge to 2024 Race

Wednesday sure has been a day of unpredictable developments regarding the 2024 presidential election.

From Joe Biden finally challenging Donald Trump to a debate, to Trump accepting despite the Biden team’s stringent requirements, the day has been a whirlwind of a dizzying news cycle.

And now, Trump has issued Biden a challenge of his own.

Posting on his social media platform Truth Social, Trump told Biden, “Please let this TRUTH serve to represent that I hereby accept debating Crooked Joe Biden on FoxNews. The date will be Wednesday, October 2nd. The Hosts will be Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.”

As reported in the The Guardian, Biden has yet to directly respond to, or accept, Trump’s invitation.

Though, considering the laundry list of demands Biden’s campaign presented before accepting any debate — including removing the audience, moving up the date historically early, and, crucially, only accepting moderators from friendly left-wing networks — it would seem only fair for Biden to join Trump for a debate on Trump-friendly territory as well.

However, Deadline noted that, while Biden himself has not answered directly, his campaign has.

Characterizing Trump’s offer as “playing games,” campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon declared, “No more chaos, no more debate about debates.”

“President Biden made his terms clear for two one-on-one debates, and Donald Trump accepted those terms,” she said.

Of course, why it was Biden who could create the terms and not any opponent has yet to be explained.

Typically, the only terms presidential candidates followed for debates were those set by the Commission for Presidential Debates, but the two bypassed the commission.

Why Biden has been allowed to call for all manner of historically unprecedented concessions for his degenerating health and mental state would probably be a question not even his campaign could answer.

As The Federalist noted in their story on this whole saga, Biden’s demands were “laughably transparent,” bespeaking of a man who was only agreeing to a debate under the necessity of his ghastly poll numbers and striving to minimize any possible chance of embarrassment.

Unlike Biden, Trump’s mind is clear as ever, and he has no fear of speaking or being seen in public.

Trump wants to torch Biden and has capitalized on every opportunity to take him on.

Trump is as fiery as ever.

Biden might not accept Trump’s offer of a Fox News debate, but it only serves to make Biden look bad.

At this point, the only thing Biden is better at than Trump is shooting himself in the foot.

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