MATTHEW GRAVES and the Left’s TWO-TIER JUSTICE: Pro-Hamas protestor Receives “48 Hrs. Community Service” for Assaulting Female DC Police Officer vs. J6ers’ “Years of Federal Prison” for similar or Lesser Charges

Biden-appointed US District Attorney Matthew Graves

Matthew Graves (US Attorney for District of Columbia) is notorious for standing by and doing nothing while hundreds of BLM and Antifa followers attacked the White House and attempted to burn a church to the ground during the 2020 riots.

Graves continues his “look away” approach with a Pro-Hamas protestor. On November 15th 2023 a man named Ruben Arthur Camacho punched a female Capitol police officer in the face during a Pro-Hamas protest.  Recently, his sentence of 48 Hours Community Service was handed down by none other than Matthew Graves.

Never before has the 2-tiered justice system been more markedly on display with how this sentence compares to the treatment of President Trump and the J6ers. What if your loved one was at the epicenter of that statement?  Now J6ers share 2 words, bringing proof to all Americans that the Scales of Justice are clearly favoring one side vs the other.  Those 2 words are:

Matthew. Graves.

This is the same D.A. that relentlessly went after anyone at the Capitol on January 6th, sending them to Federal Court on similar or lesser charges than Camacho, who was sent to the Local Court by Graves.  The resulting plea deals for J6ers contain years of federal prison time, compared to Camacho’s 48 Hours of Community Service.  This has ruthlessly tormented J6ers and their families.  And now, we have living proof of that.

J6er fiancé, Desiree, wrote about the stark difference on how Matthew Graves treats Camacho vs. her J6er, Barry Ramey:

The same Matthew Graves that gave Pro-Hamas Protestor Ruben Camacho 48 hours of Community Service for attacking Capitol police, wanted to put my fiancé, Barry Ramey, in prison for up to 15 years for an alleged squirt of pepper spray on January 6th, but this was only after Capitol police began firing tear gas and rubber munitions at J6 protestors while singing the National Anthem!  Mr. Graves put on him, aggravated assault with a deadly dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury and harm.  That is only 1 ½ steps below attempt of murder!

We’ve seen even lesser charges for other J6ers getting months in prison.  And Matthew Graves is leading the charge against J6ers with a heavy hand.  It’s enraging to watch Pro-Hamas Protestor receive 48 hours of Community Service for punching a Capitol officer in the face from Graves, yet J6ers are held to the fire!

Barry went to trial and was thankfully found “not guilty” of the more serious charges and found guilty of the lesser charge which he was never arguing. A clear example of an egregiously unjust approach Mr. Graves took towards my J6er fiancée vs. Pro-Hamas protestor is detailed in this side-by-side comparison showing what Barry has been through, followed by what I have been subjected to by the departments following Graves’ lead.

This doesn’t stop with Barry.  No, Mr. Graves’ approach has caused the FBI to harass me, and I was not at the Rally on January 6th.  Earlier this year Barry was told to call me from prison, to tell me to remove a post from my social media that created awareness on the outrageous legal & incarceration related expenses our family has been up against and us not being a fan of Biden.  And, if he didn’t make that call to me, he could be shipped to a max-security prison and all communication with between us would be denied (mail, email, phone & visits).

Our family still lives in a lurking fear this could still happen. But we stand strong, by the grace of God. And as Barry maintains a humor I so admire, he’s said to me, “We will never take a knee to Communism. We don’t work for the NFL.”  So, here we are looking at Mr. Graves and Mr. Camacho and painstakingly reminded this is Communism.

To date, Barry is appealing some aspects of his conviction and we are filing FOIA requests. With deep prayer and love for the Lord we are thankful we have received help from many in the community.  We are about half way to our fundraising goal which helps cover legal expense debt we have incurred, provide food & basic necessities to Barry while incarcerated and the small amount of monthly bills he left behind.

It has taken everything we have and so much more to continue this fight.  We know God is guiding us and we will not give up.  With half way to reach our goal we still need your help and appreciate all donations and prayers that have helped support this battle, thus far and yet to come.

May God bless our supporters, the J6ers, President Trump & his Family and may God Bless America!

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