Sherriff’s Arrest Over 50 People Involved in Violent Street Takeover In California

It’s about time!

Law enforcement across the nation is stepping up their game against wild street takeovers. Although their efforts are not nearly enough, the recent crackdown offers hope.

Just look at the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office, which finally took meaningful action by arresting over 50 suspects at one of these lawless gatherings. It’s a step in the right direction, but they need to do much more.

Yahoo News reports,

According to KCAL, this move was made to arrest people associated with the attack on a deputy who responded to a street takeover last month.

When he arrived, like we’ve seen so many times before, the crowd surrounded his patrol car and attacked it.

Apparently, this time the sheriff had enough and they dropped the hammer once they felt they could scoop all the suspects up in one swoop. Once the dust settled, 56 individuals were in handcuffs.

The report claims the bust was at an illegal “car meetup.” We’re not entirely sure what that means, because oftentimes what we gearheads call a meet and what the mainstream media calls a “meetup” can be two very different things.

This bust was codenamed “Operation Consequences” which is just great. There really should be more consequences for the street takeover crowd. For a long time, they’ve been allowed to engage in illegal activities in California and other places with few repercussions.

While some attempted to dismiss the takeover events as juvenile behavior, this appears to be a poor excuse and justification.

At last, public opinion is shifting towards endorsing a harsher crackdown on these takeovers and their participants.

Fairfax County, VA Police Officer attacked by a violent mob at an illegal street takeover.

This is what it’s like to be a police officer after the 2020 George Floyd, BLM and Antifa riots: pic.twitter.com/kIF9mxcLYq

— Dapper Detective (@Dapper_Det) April 3, 2024

According to media reports, the bust was made on June 1 at a vacant lot on private property, but authorities would not disclose where it was made.

The San Bernadino Sheriff’s Office should be commended for making an example out of these suspects.


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