42-Year-Old WNBA Veteran Diana Taurasi Takes Jab at Caitlin Clark for Not Making Olympic Team – Clark Bests Taurasi in Most Stats So Far This Year

42-year-old Diana Taurasi takes a dig at Caitlin Clark not making Olympic team.  Taurasi was selected to her 6th Olympic team. Clark bests Taurasi in most WNBA stats.

42-year-old WNBA veteran Diana Taurasi was asked about what she thought of the fact that basketball sensation Caitlin Clark was not making the US Olympic team this year.

Clark broke all records as a college player in scoring. She is currently besting most of the professional women in shooting and assists despite a disastrous team with a horrific coach.

Diana Taurasi took a dig at Clark for not making the team.

Diana Taurasi: Yeah, I mean, the roster is not out. So the one thing I can say is it’s always a hard team to make no matter what. You go down the line the last 20 years, and USA Basket is special. A lot of people sacrifice a lot of their time throughout the year in camps and in the junior basketball system. When the team’s announced, obviously, I’ll probably have more to say, but then we’ll have to wait.

USA Today reporter: Because you were young yourself, and tell me if I’m wrong, weren’t you named to the roster as soon as you graduated, right? You were young.

Diana Taurasi: After I won three national championships, I was named… Like anything, I was the youngest on that team by far. I had just amazing veterans that just took me under their wing really showed me the ropes. When I talk about Lisa and Sheryl and Dawn and Tina, I mean, talk about the Mount Rushmore of basketball, I was right there watching them in their every move, the way they prepared, how serious they took it. Not only that, I had to learn the ropes, too. I had to make sure I knew what place I was in and how I could help the team in any possible way. Like I said before, the game of basketball is all about evolving. It’s all about getting comfortable with your surroundings. College basketball is much different than the WBA than it is overseas. Each one almost is like a different dance you have to learn. Once you learn the steps and the rhythm and you have a skill set that is superior to everyone else, everything will fall in place.

Earlier on Monday Taurasi told disgruntled Clark fans to do their research!

Diana Taurasi: “Just do your research. Gather the facts. I think we’re in a day and age where anything that is said is taken for a fact or that’s the way it is, and I think we just got to make sure we know who’s good at basketball and who’s not.”

Here at The Gateway Pundit we did our research – and what we found was that Caitlin Clark, despite all of her obstacles, it ranked higher than Taurasi in a number of stats.

Caitlin Clark beats most of the seasoned veterans in statistics in her first year in the league with a pathetic team.

Via Joe Hoft and JoeHoft.com.

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