MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says Justice Samuel Alito Wants an American ‘Ethno-State,’ Wants to Bring Back Segregation (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s resident wacko Joy Reid went on another of her unhinged rants about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, accusing the conservative jurist of seeking to turn America into an “ethno-state.”

Addressing the audience on her weeknight show The ReidOut, Reid argued that Alito had become “unrestrained” as left-wing activists seek to step up their attacks on the respected jurist.

“It feels like Alito is unrestrained at this point. He doesn’t care who knows that he wants to make the country into a Christian nationalist, you know, ethno-state or whatever it is he thinks he would create under this Handmaid’s Tale vision,” Reid said. “He doesn’t care if people know that he takes lavish vacations and the right doesn’t care.”

Reid went on to claim that Alito planned on voting to overturn Brown vs Board of Education, which ended racial segregation in America’s public schools.

“Just in reading through the litany of things that Alito has said in the past, he’s criticized the Warren court that’s the court that gave us all of the civil rights and women, people of color, immigrants, everything, the disabled, all of that came in the 20th century. You’ve now had Clarence Thomas question whether Brown v. Board went too far. This just tells me they’re gonna take a case to overturn Brown v. Board.”

“We have decisions coming Thursday and Friday,” she continued. “My assumption is they make Mifepristone illegal and give Trump absolute immunity. That’s my guess because Alito is saying that’s the plan.”

Just last month, Reid referred to Florida Rep. Byron Donalds as a prop “black guy” for the MAGA movement who is being used as “fake proof” of Trump’s support among African Americans.

“The one Black guy that Republicans love to roll out as fake proof that Black people, the Blacks, are MAGA, they’re MAGA,” she said at the time. “It’s a joke, and just as credible as when they said they were going to make that guy Speaker of the House.”

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