Britain’s Leftist PM Cancels Plan to Send Illegal Migrants to Rwanda on First Day in Office

Britain’s new leftist Prime Minister has canceled a plan by the previous government to send illegal migrants to the African nation of Rwanda on his first day in office.

Keir Starmer, who won a landslide victory despite only winning just over 30 percent of the nationwide vote, has decided to spike the policy introduced under former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The policy had repeatedly been delayed by British courts, the majority of which are controlled by left-wing activists to prevent conservative policies from being implemented.

The Telegraph reports:

The Rwanda scheme was first announced by Boris Johnson and continued by Liz Truss and Mr Sunak. It has been delayed by long court battles, with no flight having taken off, but it became a battleground in the election campaignt.

A Labour insider confirmed to The Telegraph that it was now “dead”, saying: “If Rishi Sunak thought Rwanda would work, he wouldn’t have called an election. It was a con. By calling an election, Sunak was acknowledging that fact.”
Britain can end the Rwanda scheme by terminating the agreement through a break clause. Under the clause, the UK will not have to make any further payments from the date it is activated.
The UK has already paid £270 million, with the latest £50 million instalment handed over in April. By ending the scheme, Britain will save two further £50 million payments in 2025 and 2026.
While Starmer has styled himself as a left-wing moderate, he has previously had strong links to communism and even volunteered in communist Czechoslovakia during his youth.
His Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, is also a far-left race baiter who has previously compared Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Germany.
Back in 2018, Lammy participated in protests against Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom, although he will now be in charge of managing Britain’s foreign policy with its closest ally.
“We need to martial our efforts to fight. I will be on the streets when eventually they cave in and let Donald Trump into this country,” he wrote at the time.
“The man is a racist. The man has Ku Klux members in his inner team. The man thinks it is OK to have protesting Nazis on the streets. Of course I will campaign against it. If I have to chain myself to the door of Number 10 this black man will do it.

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